photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Hayley Cleghorn



Hayley Cleghorn
Art 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 8 1/2″ x 11″

The final will have 20 images total, but for our books that we are making it could be more than that.

Statement: My series is dealing with taking pictures of the people of State Street. By going out of my comfort zone and talking to random people on State Street, I get a whole new experience out of it, and get to meet some really interesting people. I want it to feel like a sort of family album of the “family” of State Street, so I’m making the prints smaller to make it look more personal, like a family album would be.

8 thoughts on “Hayley Cleghorn”

  1. Very interesting concept. The subjects of these photos look happy which I feel works well with the family vibe that you’re trying to achieve. My advice would be to maybe make the photos look aged or have some sort of textual character to them. This could be achieved with a filter or some texture added to them in photoshop or maybe adjust the levels a bit further. As of now they just feel a bit flat sort of like photos for a news article but I think they could look much more dynamic if something like a filter was added in the digital editing process. Great work thus far. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. I think it’s great that you’re exploring outside of your comfort zone and bringing that into your personal work. It would be awesome if you kept in contact with these people and invited them to a show where you put on all of your images.

  3. In conjunction of completing the assignment, I love your concept which forces the community to be more of a whole and smile for your family like images. But keep in mind that some family’s don’s always smile in portraits, which is just another type of family. Try to find more than just smiling for a picture, but more emotional such as laughter or excitement as well.

  4. These photographs have a great feeling of community and familiarity. Your concept is beautiful and your photos really bring the feeling of strangers not being that different in this little “community” of State Street.

  5. Well executed concept! I thought it looked like a family album style before reading your explanation. The posed look goes well with the family album idea but I like the candid expression on the baby’s face.

  6. I think your concept is really interesting and I like that you went out of your comfort zone to complete it. From looking at the images, they people do not seem as though strangers. Viewers can easily connect and there is a sense of familiarity. I think you were successful in capturing the community.

  7. The idea of creating a “family” portrait album out of strangers that you meet on the street is interesting. It creates an atmosphere of a small town environment, and brings people together more in a way. I’m interested to see what it would be like to have 10, 20 of these images.

  8. Anytime you go out on a street setting to photograph people you don’t know at such a intimate level is definitely out of the comfort zone, I know especially for me.

    I believe that you really met your goal well with these two photos exampled before us. The people portrayed are smiling with a natural, relaxed manner. The warm, normal tones of a well timed photograph also give a sense of familiarity as if the photographer lingered for some time with their subjects. Even the somewhat worried looking toddler is beginning to calm.

    I could totally see these printed in color in the pages of a family photo album.

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