10 thoughts on “Alana Wanke”

  1. I think you did a great job capturing the personality of this dog in different ways. The top photo makes the dog look glorified, the middle makes it have a goofy side, while the bottom is what we see in all animals – their playfulness.

  2. Pet photography is really hard and i think you are doing a great job with capturing the moment as much as you can. USE ALOT OF TREATS!!! Lol

  3. What i think you did really good with these images is capturing different emotions of the dog. composition wise these images work good too, i like how you didn’t have the dog centrally placed in the photos, like a lot of people tend to do, and the sense of depth of field in the second one is really good too!

  4. Impressive photos of the dog but the backgrounds are pretty uninteresting. For me at least the background makes it look more like a personal photo and less like a work of art.

  5. I think you did a good job in showing the playfulness of the dog and captured a good depth of field. The colors in these images are also striking. I have a hard time finding these images interesting however and wish there was more content or a story to be told. Maybe if the dog was doing something unusual or was somewhere I wouldn’t expect?

  6. Bottom image I must say, you did a great job with your shutter speed! I love the experimentation within your work, and the rich colors within. Beautiful dog

  7. I really enjoy these photos. You did a nice job capturing actions shots of your dog. Using toys and treats are helpful!

  8. I think these photos are quite well done. It’s definitely difficult to create photos of animals, especially fairly active ones, but you were able to take great photos without over or underexposing the images.

  9. I think you did a good job capturing the dogs playfulness. You did a nice job of capturing your dog in action. The colors are rich and I would like to see more of your work!

  10. Love the fast shutter on this pup. I love how you composed and shot every photo and I think every moment is precious in a different way. I will comment on the editing, as the colors and levels could use some adjusting. Maybe a tiny bit of editing could accentuate the mood of this doggo playing in the backyard.

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