photography, Western Michigan University

Deon Mixon



Deon Mixon
ART 3470 Digital Photography I
digital prints; 11 x 17 (11.52 x 17.28)
Series: Being: Anomaly
(Goal: 20 images)

Being: Anomaly explores the phenomenon in which an individual can be present within a natural, realistic realm, but also present and/or originate from a rather surrealistic or supernatural realm. The emphasis is on the mystery and discovering of the self within this dual-realm, or single-world where two realms have been united because of the individual’s intrinsic and distinctive being. Discovering the purpose of the self and understanding the self itself within such a world where two realms meet is the focus.

My first two attempts for this series shows experimentation with lighting and other photo manipulative qualities that aim to evoke the supernatural realm, also persevering to maintain reality; the depiction of this union in which the being ponders on about himself and this world in which he resides.

8 thoughts on “Deon Mixon”

  1. I really like your first image but I feel as though the second image is slightly over edited. I believe there are other ways to show supernatural realms without filters and blown out contrast and saturation. I think it would be more successful if your subject were integrated into the image rather than looking like he was Photoshopped on top of it.

    1. Definitely, yeah I’m way better than the second photo’s editing failure. Excuses aside, integration is the goal and I definitely concur with the advice. Thanks!

  2. I really like the first image. The lighting, composition and frame are all very good and also kind of has narrative inside it too.

  3. Definitely, yeah I’m way better than the second photo’s editing failure. Excuses aside, integration is the goal and I definitely concur with the advice. Thanks!

  4. I would have to agree with previous comments that the bottom image is overly edited and rough looking. The effects would make more sense if the entirety of the image was supposed to be more abstract. But ultimately there are far better and more professional looking ways to achieve a surreal look to your background that gives the feel of an alternate reality.

    I think taking advantage of props and in camera techniques can help you. Such as ghosting (having another figure move around in the background while the shutter is open during a long exposure photo). And/or adding more (or different colour) lights to the background. It all depends what it is that you are going for exactly.

    I think a good way to really solidify that the person is being transferred to an alternate reality is by transition shots. Such as maybe adding a close up of the person’s face between these images, or potentially making a double exposure over the photo of the alternate reality. Almost like you would see in a film. The emphasis is on their mind and where they are taking themselves or being taken. So a close up of a concentrated face, one that looks like it is trying to picture this reality would help move us into the literal visuals of that reality.

  5. As the above comments have pointed out, the second image is a bit too harshly edited. It is a bit interesting in that it looks almost like a negative, however.

    The first image, though, is quite well done. The fluorescent light is bright, but doesn’t detract from the image, and the otherwise low lighting creates a sense of mystery around the subject.

  6. Interested in the second shot and how you’ve achieved that effect through curves. It almost becomes surrealistic with how the light is playing differently in the foreground and background. Nice!

  7. I like the posing, and the angle/perspective is really interesting. The contrast and lighting are very dramatic. I actually like the crazy edit on the second image.

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