photography, Western Michigan University

Destinee Wells




Destinee Wells
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Digital Prints; 11″ x 17″
Title: Food is Drug/Medicine

This work plays with the idea that food is either making us healthy or sick. I believe that the foods we eat are creating a lot of health problems for the people of the United States. I think foods link to mental disease as well as our diseases like diabetes. These images were created so that it food interacts with the image in the background to be seen as either a healing food or one that hurts us.

10 thoughts on “Destinee Wells”

  1. I love the message you are trying to send across in these photos, however at first glance I didn’t realize the coloured parts were food and in the last image I didn’t notice the tea bag until I searched for a food item.
    I didn’t realize the added images weren’t also pills until after reading the description.
    I feel it would be more effective perhaps to enlarge whatever food items you put into the images.
    Or perhaps an even more ideal situation would be to take the photos yourself and mix the different foods with different drugs. Experimenting with close up shots, far away, etc. As well as having different situations/poses for the person taking them, to convey this message in even more detail.

  2. I love how interactive you are with the print. It’s really interesting to see the dimension it adds. This is also an interesting portrayal of the concept. Very cool

  3. I think the top image is your strongest one. I think of it as blueberries are and pills have the same weight in health benefits. The person is choosing between an organic product or a medical one. I’m not sure what the connections are for the middle or bottom images; the middle is too small to make out, and the bottom isn’t as integrated as well as the top.

  4. The colors in your photo, and lack thereof, really help to send your message across. These foods or drugs that are affecting you seem so bright and enticing, but they only drain the color from you as you consume them

  5. Your concept is very interesting but I think the photoshop work looks not natural to me. Maybe because those background photographs you chose are black and white and those fruits and vegetables you added are colored. I think the last image is strongest.

  6. This concept is extremely powerful. It’s a bit difficult to tell that the colored bits are food and I’m wondering how you could more easily visible. The color within the black and white helps, but I feel like there’s something more that needs to be done.

  7. I love your concept and feel like these are definitely going in the right direction. I also really like your choice of selective color in these specific images, paired with the black and white that is a little more flat. I think the top two images are more successful in connecting the food with the unhealthy, but the bottom image is also very captivating.

  8. This is a very interesting concept, and I’m intruiged by the way you’re carrying it out. It’s interesting, because you depict the corn and blueberries (I believe) as positive foods, associated with healing medicines and such. However, I think one could also interpret those as negative images, associated with drug addiction and overdose, so that might be something to look into clarifying in future images. I love the edit though, it looks gritty and post apocalyptic, and super dynamic. Good job and idea!

  9. Before I read your statement, I thought these works were about something completely different. I was constructing a conceptual narrative in my head as I was looking through the photographs. It appeared that the maker of these images, perhaps a child, knew a drug user and was disturbed by the fact. Through the Freudian defense mechanisms of denial and sublimation, they mentally replace these drugs with a socially acceptable form of consumption–foods. The disturbing black and white imagery of drug use is replaced by a harmless, child-like, colorful array of various nutritious foods.

    If you were trying to get across the point that food is bad and the cause of mental issues, it seems like it would make more sense to use picture of people eating food, and overlaying the pictures with drugs.

    Either way, I like the aesthetic and formal components of these pictures. They are simple and interesting.

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