photography, Western Michigan University

LeeAnn Downey



LeeAnn Downey
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 8 x 10″
In progress, 20 total

This series is a class assignment where the photos must be inspired by a book. My book was “The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh”. The goal of the completed work will show an artist’s acceptance of the positive and negative aspects of being lonely.

3 thoughts on “LeeAnn Downey”

  1. You did a very nice job of portraying lonliness. I would be interested to see other images from this series as both of these look like negative effects of loneliness… I want to see how you depicted the positive effects too. These two images work very nicely together and the concept was well executed!

  2. I think the black and white play with the positive and negative very well. Your focus on kitchen chair shows the emptyness, especially when no one is sitting there. A place mat set for one with three other chairs pushed in really pushes the loneliness.

  3. I am very curious to see what the positive aspects of being lonely would be exactly, especially as a person also suffering from mental illness like Vincent did (depression).
    That being said, only the negative aspects seem to be represented here.

    I feel like you are off to a good start but I think you may need to get more in the position of a truly lonely person, and I mean that literally. Seeing these same setups from the perspective of the person would be powerful.

    A shot taken from where the person would be sitting at the empty table looking out at the empty seats. A shot perhaps from the bed of what the person would be seeing while alone in the bed. (perhaps staring up at the ceiling or at the untouched pillows next to them).

    Lastly in the bottom image I find the pillows with the patterned pillow cases to be distracting from the feeling of loneliness. It becomes just more about the pillow, it is very magnetic.

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