photography, Western Michigan University

Luis Sanchez



Luis Sanchez
ART 3470: Digital Photography
digital prints; 10″ x 15″
20 images total

These photos are in progress. I am using the book “Go Ask Alice” as inspiration. It is a book about drug addiction, but I don’t want to make my photos about drugs, so I’m focusing on mental health problems that can cause addiction like depression.

7 thoughts on “Luis Sanchez”

  1. Wow, the lighting in these pictures are really amazing and intriguing to me! I would love to learn more about how you got that ball of light in the bottom picture. I think you did a really good job in capturing the mental health problems that can cause addiction, like depression. The shadows and lighting give a really dramatic and creepy feel that connects with the mental illness of depression really well. Good job!

  2. i like your ideas here and i can see what you are going for with the choice to focus on what can cause drug abuse rather than just on the drugs, but i would like a little more insight on what living with depression looks like or given a little more context in these photographs. i would have no idea what they were focused on without your explanation, so i would work on that.

  3. The first image could be opened up just a touch more – since it is a portrait, I want the face to be a bit more clear – it’s at a point where it either needs to be intentionally very dark or just a bit brighter. Both images seem to have a very red cast, not sure if that was intentional. Love the concept, hope to see more images from it!

  4. I like the idea of what you’re trying to do. These images work well together, but if I take them separately, I lose the focus of the overall work. The bottom image is pretty strong of what you’re trying to do – a cerebral network of what’s going on in this young man’s head. For the top, I think it would be more interesting if he stared blankly. Right now, it seems like a normal portrait as if he was living on normally, or trying to hide his problems, but it doesn’t seem like that to me.

  5. This is an interesting concept and your take on the book “Go Ask Alice” is unique because you don’t want to photography the drug addiction aspect of the book. The portraits are well composed and your lighting is strong. The first image is a great portrait but I feel that it isn’t as strong as the second image only because it lacks the same interest as the second image. I think you should play around with the idea more and see what else can come from this idea.

  6. I think the bottom image is working but I would also try possibly bringing the figure into the chaos ball. Maybe it is his representing his mind and is slightly visible in his head. Might look tacky i’m not sure but would be interested to try if you haven’t already. The images of the figure alone are solid. You can add whatever to build a certain mood or story if you wish.

  7. I find these photos very successful in relation to how you described your work. I think the lighting defines the subjects face well. I wonder however, how much more effective it could be if the lighting was even more dramatic, making it work a bit more in conjunction with you idea of communicating depression. By doing that you could be translating the loneliness, emptiness, or overwhelming nature of it better.

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