photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Hayley Cleghorn



Hayley Cleghorn
Art 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 8 1/2″ x 11″

The final will have 20 images total, but for our books that we are making it could be more than that.

Statement: My series is dealing with taking pictures of the people of State Street. By going out of my comfort zone and talking to random people on State Street, I get a whole new experience out of it, and get to meet some really interesting people. I want it to feel like a sort of family album of the “family” of State Street, so I’m making the prints smaller to make it look more personal, like a family album would be.

photography, Western Michigan University

Jessica Harris




Jessica Harris
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Digital Prints; 2’x 3′
13-15 images in the series

I’m working on a series about anxiety disorders translated through fantasy to make each aspect a little easier to imagine and understand. These three images portray two opposite sides of how sleep is effected with an anxiety disorder. The first, a play on Irish folklore about harps’ ability to put someone to sleep indefinitely, was meant to show the urge and weight to sleep all day as a result of anxiety. The opposite extreme is insomnia, meant to be represented in the second and third images, when your anxiety prevents you from falling asleep or letting your mind rest.