4 thoughts on “Allison Driesenga”

  1. These images are beautiful. I am assuming this is the same cat but the eyes in both images take on completely different looks and give the cat an appearance that is could be a different one in each. The bottom image is especially stunning with the whiskers being so bod against the cat’s dark fur.

  2. For these images I’n not exactly sure what you were trying to depict via your inspiration from the novel considering the subject you used and the fact that I have never read the book.
    I will say that pairing these two images together with them being so extremely similar does not do them justice.
    I feel like if you are going to pair two photos of the face of a cat there needs to be important and distinct differences between the images so that they can be complimentary repetition rather than just repetition.
    As individual images I would say the top image having eyes out of focus is distracting. And the bottom image needs to be opened up (brighter).

  3. I lot of the image gets lost because it is so dark. I suggest you take the photos with a lighter background unless the intent was to have everything fade out to black throughout the edges of the image.

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