photography, Western Michigan University

Courtney Rorick



Courtney Rorick
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 11″ x 17″

Based off the book Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, my goal is to photograph pictures that represent the eerie and ominous nature of the book. Also to take pictures that invoke the question why, and a desire for the reasoning beyond the photo. In the book Rebecca a lot of information is withheld from the reader and I aim to do the same with this series of photos.

6 thoughts on “Courtney Rorick”

  1. You do a great job giving an eerie feeling to your photographs. They make me think of ghosts and death and I find myself wondering who the dress may have belonged to

  2. The eerie feeling is definitely there. Love the look of these images. They grayscale range in your second picture is well done. I can tell where the highlights and shadows are and not too high or low in contrast. You are on a good path for the description of your book

  3. These pictures are both very eerie. The second image especially so. Even though the dress is empty, my eyes and mind automatically went to fill it in with the form of a body. The shadowing/replicating of it is very effective in giving it the eerie feeling as well. The first image’s blur works really well in giving it a supernatural feeling.

  4. You really captured the idea of creating am eerie theme to your photographs. The second one is especially successful because of the ghostly figures within the photograph. I would be interested in seeing more images from this concept and playing around with the ideas within the book. Overall the images are interesting and capture a very ominous tone throughout.

  5. I like the use of double exposure to create a more surrealist/creepy feel for these images.

    I would love to see even more camera techniques used to be able to create even more of an eerie feel.
    Maybe trying long exposure night photos, the darkness of night would certainly create more of an uneasy/eerie feel
    (perhaps even try moving the camera while the shutter is open to create interesting blur).

    Silhouetting could also be an interesting technique to employ got these photos as well. Silhouetted objects and/or people can give an element of mystery as well as a ghost-like feel.

    Also I will say to keep composition in mind with these photos. Just because camera (or editing) techniques can be interesting or impressive to see executed, doesn’t mean composition and framing should be ignored. I feel like the top image is confusingly busy and the bottom image’s focus placement is distracting (for me personally).

  6. These photos really give off that eerie feeling. I like the whole ghosting in the second photo. Also that the first photo is very simple but you were able to still give such a creepy feel to it. So simple and an everyday object but in the black and white and close up worked so well.

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