photography, Western Michigan University

Destine Wells





Destine Wells
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Digital Prints; 13″ x 19″

Title: Fearfully and Chemically Made, 2015

This series plays with the idea that model have a pressure to look a certain way and our food is becoming the same way. Models and food are made to look pleasing to the consumers, but they are becoming unhealthy. In this series I play with both fruits and vegetables and foods that are seen as processed. Each type of food creates a different message as it interacts with the models on the runway.

11 thoughts on “Destine Wells”

  1. I think the way you approach your concept is very clever! The way that these sorts of things are handled by producers of these products is getting to be out of control. People think that they need to look like the models that they see on TV to be accepted and it creates a culture that is unhealthy for young people.

  2. I love these photos for various reasons. First, I really appreciate the concept and it is really clear just by looking at the photos. The photoshop work is done so that the food objects are obviously out of place. Even though that this is a serious topic, in a way, you’ve made it comical. I really appreciate that as well.

  3. Before reading the description I find the last photo most interesting. Asparagus is a reminder of some extreme diet models have to have. But, however runway models concentrate the effort of fashion industry, they’re made to please people, but to fit the cloth wearing. And the strawberry and spinach are quite healthy food.

  4. I really like the ones in which the food item is integrated with the body, rather than taking the place of it which may seem to create the metaphor your hoping for but I feel is a little too straight forward. When the play with the food as clothes (Dorito and the hostess-like thing), their unnaturalness is emphasized as well as their function as “edible packaging” over nutrients.

    You could also really play with the materials. With the dorito image, it is easy for me to imagine the dorito dust all of the people in the audience.

  5. Those photos are so creative and interesting. I love how you manipulated them and I agree that the photoshop work is well done! And I like your original photographs too because you have various perspectives and gave me a good overview of the runway. Good job!

  6. This is awesome. I think people can interpret this in various different ways, but the idea that the food is becoming unhealthy the better it looks definitely mimics the idea of models looking “better” the more unhealthy (skinny) they get. Wonderful.

  7. I’m confused why you include strawberries and asparagus. Maybe the strawberries make sense because the odd shaped one reminds me of the genetically modified fruit.

  8. I love the concept here!!! Your message is coming across very clearly, and it’s very well done. Aesthetically, I love the black and white images with very “collage stamped” fruit in them. The emphasis on the color and texture of the fruits works very well to draw my eye in and enhance your meaning. Great job!!

  9. I think the meaning of this series could go much deeper, but I really like the concept that you have going. The food is unhealthy and modified even though it comes off as appealing and healthy. Don’t you think this is similar to models? Models are thought of to be beautiful and healthy, but in reality a lot of them suffer from eating disorders and other unhealthy lifestyles.

  10. The juxtaposition of the food and the models is a great idea. The concept you have is executed really well and portrays what you are trying to get across. I think that this set of photos could be expanded outside of the runway too, and the food could be photoshopped into studio photos like fashion advertisements.

  11. Interesting play on the idea and the relationship between food and body image/expectations. My favorites of this series are the first and third image, because the composition has worked really well. I am not too captivated by the asparagus and the strawberry ones.

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