photography, Western Michigan University

Kassidy Gromaski



Kassidy Gromaski
Art 3470-Digital Photography 1
Digital Prints; 8″ x 10″
There will be a total of 20 images

Statement: This photo series will be a depiction about how easily evil can come in and destroy families at anytime. I want to create a sense of terror and destruction within a home environment, contradicting the idea of a safe home environment. Further into this series I plan to add a mysterious figure to represent a serial killer in each photo with more intense scenes of family destruction by death.

4 thoughts on “Kassidy Gromaski”

  1. I definitely get the sense of mystery in the bottom picture and think to get your full desired effect, it will be important to have a narrative series. The pictures themselves will be great on there own if you continue to focus they way you did on the key, and with multiple photos, the danger aspect will come through.

  2. The sense of danger is very apparent in both of these photos. The black hand clasped around bare skin is very menacing and I think works well with your idea of a serial killer. The key in the gloved hand is very mysterious and menacing as well. To me the key represents safety of you or your belongings. When you hold the key, your things are safe behind their lock. But when the man with the purple glove is holding your key, you’re screwed.

  3. Showing the skin being touched by a glove makes it so vulnerable and I can definitely see the sense of danger in that. The key isn’t as clear to what you want to say, but folded inside of bedsheets, it gives me a feeling of security, knowing I can go under the covers at any time and feel safe.

  4. The first image really seems to capture what you talked about in your statement. I think the way that the dark glove grabbing the skin is lit works well for the theme and giving a sense of dread. I’d be interested in seeing the pictures in the rest of this series and how you complete it and draw in the serial killer aspect.

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