photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Rebecca Gongora



Rebecca Gongora
Art 576 – Advanced Photography
Digital Print, Iphone 6
4x4in image printed on 8.5×11 Paper
Part of a larger series to be made into a book

The collection of images in the series is titled Tunnel Vision and includes images from my own home about my maternal relationship with my son and family. The idea of maternal bliss really should be about the challenges that come with that bliss. That it is difficult to see past the chaos and disruption that having a child brings into your own personal space and any relationships that exist outside of the home life.

These images are meant to emphasize the chaos of maternal responsibilities and the narrowing or constricting view that this chaos can bring, shot with an iPhone they act like family snapshots but in response to the societal ideal of the pure joy and bliss of motherhood​.

13 thoughts on “Rebecca Gongora”

  1. I love the point of view you show here. Although the top photo is simple, I still get the sense of chaos, especially when paired with the very chaotic picture below.

  2. The first photo is simple but very interesting. Both images represent the chaos, especially the second one. I like all the color together in the second picture.

  3. I really like the minimalist composition of the top photo but the bottom does a great job of explaining what is going on in both photos. Interesting concept and I would love to see where you go from here.

  4. Great point of view, especially for a parent figure looking down upon the mess created by a child. Creating a true mess would be the greatest challenge i see, such ideas like cooking, cleaning, and maybe healing (the idea that the child was hurt and had to tend to injury) would be a good idea. Lovin the concept tho.

  5. I think it is rather intriguing that these were shot with an iPhone, haha. I mean you can’t really tell. Maybe you could make that more clear somehow if that is your intention. I love the first one. It makes you think, not sure about what, but its abstraction and simplicity is just so interesting. Think about your composition when taking your photos. You can make a cluttered area still seem more visually appealing by using angles or moving things around to create movement. I love the colors in the second though. I think a lot of vibrant colors would help you with your maternal theme.

  6. I like that you chose to connect your theme with your camera. By using your iPhone, your camera become part of your theme and make the feel of the collection to be more part of a home.

  7. i see the “chaos” you’re trying to portray in the second one with the legos, and other little random toys scattered all over the place. as the for the first one, it takes a little longer for the viewer to see the “chaos” in it, i see chaos in it with the fact of it being mostly white, the simplicity almost makes it feel chaotic.

  8. I enjoy the hectic colors in the second image and perspective in the both photos. You really get a sense of chaos in a playful way. The first image in it’s minimalist approach is very successful in telling a story related to parenting. The contrast between images is nice.

  9. What I love about your images is that there is so much of a story in a frame just filled with objects. You give us just enough info the to imagine the chaos that ensues in this space. In the lego image I really love how trapped we are in the space, as if you have to stumble over these jagged toys to move.

  10. According to the description the artist has given I believe that the second snapshot catches the idea lovely. For a IPhone shot the colors are bright and the image is crisp. The first image does not convey the same message to me. The simplicity of it does not translate chaotic. A white, empty bathtub suggests clean which kids are definitely usually not. If I had seen a tub full of soapy water and rubber duckies on the other hand, I may have made the connection. I do however enjoy the basis behind this exploration and I look forward to seeing more of the series if it is posted.

  11. I love how the chaos of the toys fills the frame on the bottom picture, almost looks like an “I spy” book and to me, that contributes to your theme because I looked at a lot of I Spy books as a child, so it immediately brought me back to playing with my mom when I was younger. Good work!

  12. Rebecca, I love how you chose to capture these from your choice to use an iPhone, to how you positioned yourself as photographer and mother. Overall, very successful. Would love to see this series in its entirety!

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