22 thoughts on “Sally Abrams”

  1. really love the top photo- great abstraction, clean lines, light and color. i like the bottom as well but i am immediately more attracted to the top photo.

  2. Beautiful images! The lines in both images are great and really guide the viewer’s eye through the image.

  3. I really like your use of line, perspective, and color. The formal qualities of these two images are strong and what create a very interesting photograph.

  4. I like those lines in your images. They are extremely clean and strong. The first image is very beautiful with the color on the wall. I am so glad to see how you captured different composition of lines every time and you are definitely making so much progress!

  5. I really love these photographs. I think the color and the texture is really strong in them. I also think that the cropping of the images is striking.

  6. I really love how you play with vertical and horizontal lines in your images. I also like the consistency of how you keep a constant theme of wood, metal, and orange. The images together create movement and contrast throughout the image.

  7. These images are very interesting to look at just because of their abstraction and color. I would consider thinking more of the composition of your photos. Making things symmetrical like your bottom photo stops any movement. Even abstract photos can have movement if the composition is on point.

  8. Both images are very interesting in the way they are oriented makes the viewer wonder where they really are within the picture and from what direction are they looking. I really like the colors and composition of the first one and the feeling of unity.

  9. subject wise I’m not to sure on what feeling or sense these images are supposed to reflect, but composition wise they are really good, more so in the top one, because nothing is directly in the center and the perpendicular lines make the eye follow everywhere, the bottom, if it was more off center i think whatever you’re trying to portray will work better!

  10. Your use color and lines make interesting compositions. I would be interested in knowing a little more about your concept though.

  11. Beautiful range of colors. The lighting in these two images are well done. The first image has strong assets to it, with the lines and block of orange on the right. This reminds me of walking in an old town with a little sense of good designing. Great job. Can’t wait to see more.

  12. I really enjoy how you capture lines in everyday places. It really gives viewers a new perspective on architecture and things we don’t really notice and walk by every single day. The first has these yellow lines that really capture my attention and the second has strong balance in its composition, as well as a unique perspective.

  13. Great range of colors and tone in your photographs! It’s interesting to see the images that you capture and the abstraction within architecture. The first image is the strongest of the two, mainly because the yellow creates an interesting flow within the image and really brings out the lines in the photograph. Continue on this concept, and looking forward to seeing more work.

  14. I am captivated by the way you found beauty in structures that may otherwise feel not-so-aesthetic. The colors are superior and extremely rich while the compositions are striking and fill the lens smartly creating a balanced creation of geometric proportions.

  15. The lines in both of these images work well, especially in the first image. The lines create perspective and guide you through out both images. These images are definitely successful in grabbing viewers’ attention and keeping it.

  16. The top image has a sense of motion for me that really makes it dynamic and active even though its a solid non-moving structure. The orange lines running down the white paint act like some kind of dripping that is happening from the wood above. Also the one white cable running across the orange section really adds and contrasts from the bottom half of the photo nicely. It’s a grid design but broken up in a way that makes it break free from a stale state.

  17. Even just from these two images, I can see that you have a very distinct style that works in each photo wonderfully. I would love to see the rest of the series, because these photos are just so dynamic and visually interesting.

  18. Each image has a structure to it, from line movement to perspective viewing of the image. The last image gives off a really good sense in shadows and contrast exposure, giving off rich details in the iron that takes shape in the photo. The brick wall gives off a rich color effect to make the rusty iron pop within the image.

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