4 thoughts on “Ted Jones”

  1. These images are beautiful. I especially love how you captured the various textures in the second image. The colors in the second image are also beautiful. I wish that the first one was a bit brighter to let more of the texture through, as can be seen in the second image.

  2. Your photos and series are really well connected. Both images are very beautiful and have a sense of mystery. In the second image, those shadows on the snowfield are very attractive.

  3. Your balance of space is spot on for these images.

    I also like how it gives more than just the feel of it being one single season for you to want to be outside.
    Usually images dealing with this message are all during sunny/warm seasons or are in sunny/warm places.
    Or when they deal with other types of climates it is usually images of something more large scale and “epic” such as huge rivers, mountains, etc.

    These images show the beauty of nature that you can find in even the most simple of surroundings. It shows you don’t need to travel to a mountain or waterfall to stand in awe of nature or to want to be surrounded by it.

    Also props on the bottom image, it isn’t easy to take winter woods photos and have them turn out.
    They usually turn out to be a drab and grayish-brown overall colour, which really drags down the image. This is especially the case when a lot of snow has already started to melt and more of the brown ground is seen (like in the image).
    But your warm hues present from the shinning sun made it so you don’t encounter this common colour issue; well done.

  4. These two images really show a great example of how beautiful the outdoors can be. The second photograph in particular shows great contrast: nothing too dark, yet nothing too bright. It’s a wonderful example of a late-Winter scene.

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