4 thoughts on “Dakota Siwecki”

  1. I love what you’ve done here. I originally tried to create a series on signage but i think your work turned out far better. I really like the angles of your compositions. I blur in the first composition also adds an interesting effect.

  2. i enjoy the urgency of the photograph on top, but the bottom image does less for me. i like the mimicked shapes and the reflection in the mirror is quite nice, but the distracting shape on the bottom right is confusing and i would either like to see more of it or none of it at all

  3. I like the repetition of the sign and sign-like shapes.
    But the bottom image should most definitely be opened up more (as in brightened). It is very hard to read what is written on the mirror, and the image becomes more about trying your best to distinguish what the word actually is, rather than taking in the image itself and the message.
    Also I am not sure what is in front of the mirror.
    I think if the object has significance to the message, it should stay but be better illuminated so it can add to things rather than just being an obstructing object for the mirror.
    If it has no real significance I think it should be removed because it is only a distraction if it doesn’t have a genuine purpose (directly tied to the message of this series).

  4. Wow, the first image is a very successful motion still. That image is very captivating and engaging, and makes me wonder what the scene from the book is! The second image is very dramatic and also gives that very cinematic feeling to it. Great work!

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