photography, Western Michigan University

Jessi Thran



Jessi Thran
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 5″ x 7″
2 out of a series of 20

These images are inspired by the book “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. The focus was on discovering my own “Great Perhaps”, through the people I have met and the things I do that have brought meaning to my life.

5 thoughts on “Jessi Thran”

  1. First, I love “Looking for Alaska” by John Green! I really like the idea you have selected for these images. You really chose a great setting that relates to the book and I can really connect with the images. I do recommend that you select better areas where the light can hit your subjects better. I do like the way the sun shines in the second photo, but I feel like too much detail is lost.

  2. i enjoy the slight halo around the woman’s head in the bottom photograph, it is really beautiful. but the darkness around her is a little too much, maybe consider cropping the photograph.the light in the top photograph is also very nice.

  3. I love the lighting in both of these, especially the bottom picture. It’s awesome the way shooting into the sun turned out and how it didn’t quite silhouette the figure in the foreground, it still kept the details of her as well… nice work!

  4. Both images are visually stunning. The lines and the way you have captured the lighting in the first image are very interesting. I wish the second image was a little brighter so I could see more of the details but I think you did a good job of following themes from Looking for Alaska and searing for a “Great Perhaps.”

  5. I think you were successful in these two images. They have a very cinematic feel to them as if they are still images taken from a movie, which is relevant when trying to capture a book’s essence in photography. I particularly enjoy the hollywood-style sun flare in your second image!

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