6 thoughts on “John Rapanotti”

  1. I really enjoy the first image, how the viewer is led from the back of the man to his reflection and how your eyes are drawn from his face down to the light in his hands. However, I would like more of a description, just so I could get some more context and better understand how these two images relate to each other, because there is a definite disconnect for me between the two.

  2. Both of these images pair very nicely together; I enjoy the difference in proximity to the subject. Exposure/lighting is used very effectively to give what I assume to be the desired villainous mood in the top image. In regards to the bottom image, the dirtiness and grit of the hand really makes the image come to life.

  3. I really like the first composition. There a sense of mystery, and almost a scary element to it, that makes me want to know what he is up to. I think your second composition isn’t as strong due to the fact that it comes off a bit bland. I would recommend you keep working with people. Great job though!

  4. The mystery and darkness vs lightness in the first image is a nice contrast and I really like color palette in both. I do think the persons head is cropped a little too much and I would like to see more of the top of the back of his head. In the bottom image I love the detail of the dirty fingers as well as the depth of field.

  5. I really get you aspect of searching for ones self in the first photo. I assume that the following photo is what the man is holding and “glowing” in the first photo. Even if it is not what you are going for I do like it.

  6. At first I was really intrigued by the bottom photo because of the composition and beautiful colors/lighting. But when I read your artist statement and looked more at the top photo, I seemed to be more interested in that one. I think there’s a lot of power behind the top image, and the composition and lighting in that picture is really well done as well. I’d love to see more in your series, and to see the other ways you capture searching for your personal destiny.

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