11 thoughts on “Natalie McGinnis”

  1. I don’t know much about The Bell Jar, but I do really love both of these images. The overlay in each photo is really well done, and the dull colors evoke a beautiful sadness. I would like to learn a little more about the concept of your series, and what about that book do you wish to portray in your photographs. Other than that, I think your photos are really well composed, good job overall!

  2. I really like the fact that you’ve used a shattered glass feel in these photographs. Although I’ve never read the book I still am captured by the feelings and mood your images are portraying. The fact that I still understand the images and feeling is a really powerful statement towards your artistry.

  3. After viewing these images I’d love to read a bit about this book. These images are very surreal in their aesthetic and feeling, and it makes me wonder about the nature of the work that inspired them. Great job!

  4. I love The Bell Jar. I think you did a great job of showing the themes of the book. The second image does a wonderful job of capturing the mental state that is described. These images are very effective. The broken/splintered look that you’ve given the images are visually appealing and definitely draw me in to the images.

  5. Comparing these two images, I like the second image more because of its clean background. And in both images, scratches are well blended.

  6. There is a sense of “brokenness” and depression you capture very well and your work. There is a lot of raw emotion in both these photographs which I really enjoy. I think you might be a tad to strong with the cracking effect itself but, besides that, great job!

  7. These are really interesting. Broken glass has so much meaning. In the first image, I can’t tell if the feet are floating which is interesting but the background is kind of distracting.

  8. I don’t know much about The Bell Jar either, however, these images are both very successful. Personally, I am very drawn to the bottom image as the overlay seems to interact very well with the figure. The top image was also well done, however the feet seem a bit unnatural as they seem to be floating. Overall, well done.

  9. The image of the face being cracked has a very serious tone that I think goes along well with your series. Almost looking off into the distance while this cracked surface is between us and her is an interested filter.

  10. Love the double exposures on these photos. They seem to be done very purposefully, and evoke an entirely new mood all together. Had there been, for example, a flower double exposed with the woman, we would have an entirely different perception and mood taken from this. However, the broken glass is moody and evocative of a much deeper meaning that I’m dying to put a story to. Love the concept, great job!!

  11. The second image is very strong and captivating! The broken glass effect over the image can mean so many different emotions and experiences a woman can go through. I think it would have had a different effect if the only the head of the person was covered by the effect and not the the entire top half.

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