13 thoughts on “David Jacobson”

  1. The contrast here between lights and darks is wonderful. It adds to the intensity of the subject matter (a football player focusing on the game ahead). Even though it seems to be shot off the field, it still captures the spirit of the game well.

  2. The very tight frame works for the portrait. The eyes here are so expressive and don’t look flat, it is a dramatic image done well and simple.

  3. I think the dramatic lighting that you added is really great, and draws the viewers eyes to the picture. It would be nice to know a little more about the background for your series and to know more about the concept behind it. Good job overall though!

  4. I really enjoy the lighting in this photograph, it is extremely beautiful. I also really like the framing you selected– I’m not sure if this was how your face was captured, being really red, but if it wasn’t when you took the photo, I do suggest some color correction

  5. I think that this image is a great example of a self portrait. You made some very good decisions on lighting and gaze. I enjoy the fact that your eyes are so in focus both literally and hypothetically. Nice Work!

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. Self portraiture is very hard, and this is very unique in that you have hockey gear on. Everything from sharpness, lighting, exposure, and even color are amazing in this image. Very well done!

  7. Your lighting and composition really bring your self portrait together in a very expressive way. What I like about your photograph is that you kept to one light source and played with lighting to create a dramatic portrait. The eyes especially stand out against the other colors in the photograph and bring the audience in. I would like to see what other portraits you create and the concept behind this image.

  8. Very nice portrait shot! It’s very tight and well composed and the lines running through from the mask add a very cool effect. Also, great job at drawing me into the eyes (they are very sharp). Keep it up!

  9. this photograph is compelling. i like the sports photograph in a traditional portrait space, something i don’t see very often. i also enjoy the shadows on his face.

  10. This shot is great, love the tight composition. Focusing on the face and not the rest of the figure was really smart I think. Even though the image is clearly of a hockey player, it has this surreal feeling to it because of the dramatic lighting. Also the gaze in his eyes gives me a feeling of daydreaming or imagining something to happen.

  11. For a self-portrait, this photo is extraordinarily well done. Having such a contrast between the darkness of the background and the lighting on the face really adds to the intensity of the picture, as well as the expression on your face. It’s as if you’re in the middle of a game!

  12. This is a strong image. You have captured a lot of emotions. I think the technique you have used is great: the lighting is dramatic; The details of the face and the depth of field focuses on the person but also we can get a context of the environment; I like that the background is simple and black.

  13. This is a truly strong image that can stand alone and speak so many words. Your contrast between your lights and darks are truly estonishing. The way light is hitting the face and making a glare in the eyes works so well. Though the main focus of the picture is right in the middle, the way you played with the angle makes it all come together and work well. I thoroughly enjoy the shadows of the helmet being casted upon the face. The face says it all in this picture. I feel a huge wave of focus from this player the way his eyes are so pierced and the way his eyebrows grasp the attention of the viewer by the way they are raised. However, I would love to see this picture more zoomed out.

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