13 thoughts on “Abigail Hausman”

  1. I love the lighting in this image. Although I am not sure the subject matter, the location and movement and lighting give me some sort of clues as to where the subject is and what he is doing. I also really enjoy the blue hue within the image.

  2. The lighting in this photo is really great. The composition is great too. I’m really interested to find out what the concept is, although from the facial expression and the action of the photo, it gives me some ideas of what that could be.

  3. this is a truly beautiful photograph. the only downside is the blur in his sketchbook, which is so centrally located that its hard to ignore. other than this i love the lighting, odd background context and his almost statuesque facial expression.

  4. This is an interesting portrait, and I really like the dramatic lighting that you have going on. I am curious what the concept is behind this image, or if it’s just a nice portrait of someone who is an artist. Overall great image and would maybe lighten the right side of the image a little more.

  5. The lighting is so beautiful in this image, and I especially love how the lighting and shadows create such a dramatic mood throughout the photograph. It would be nice to get a little more context behind the photograph, because I would like to know more about the backstory to this picture. I agree that I also enjoy the blue hue in this image, and think it’s really successful.

  6. As others have stated, it would be interesting to learn more about this photo and if there is a concept behind it or if it is a part of a series. The lighting in this image is very dramatic, and the subject is very engaging in his expressions and action, so because of this I am left wanting to learn more about the potential concept.

  7. I am not sure what the concept here is, but the contrast and lighting is done wonderfully. There is a clear light source and you are still able to keep the colors present without letting them cut to black. (The darkest darks are not black)

  8. This portrait of an artist is really charged and successful! I think you capture a very nice moment of intense focus. I can just imagine in the next second his eyes will move to examine his subject with just as much intensity. The framing is really spot on too. I like that vertical frame repeated with the shape of the notebook- all together the overall image has great continuity. It looks very intentionally composed.

  9. This is a great composition. You really did a great job at catching the artist in his natural element. This seems very natural and unscripted which is difficult to do with photography. Great job!

  10. Thank you everyone! For those of you wondering, the basis of the photo was for an “insightful portrait” for which I used the drawing professor at my school who I thought would be the perfect subject for the piece given his philosophy on drawing.

  11. I think that this photograph is really strong, with the lighting on his face not being too bright and the shadow not being too dark. I do think that if you want to focus more on the subject, you will need to select a different environment with less distracting objects in the background.

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