4 thoughts on “Elle Shervish”

  1. After watching this video, to me it shows what the girl was going through after she got her first kiss. And was showing us exactly how she felt, through the video using different clips to get it across to the viewers.

  2. I really enjoyed the transitions and fading from one scene to the next. Blended wonderfully and paints a very intimate portrait of the moments between these two people and her innermost thoughts. Well done!

  3. The repetition of the video clip of the man really packed a punch in this video. It kept reminding me, the viewer, of what the video was about. I also really enjoyed the delayed pauses in between the narration. It made me excited for what was going to be said next!

  4. Very interesting video! The transitions, sound effects, and voice recordings were very well done and grabbed my attention fast. The focusing of the camera for different scenes were very well done and kept me interested. Very well done!

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