photography, Western Michigan University

Jessi Thran





Jessi Thran
Art 3470: Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 8″ x 10″
4 out of a series of 20

These images are inspired by the book “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. The book focuses on this “Great Perhaps”; the things you’ll do and they people you’ll meet. Relating it to my life, the little and random things I do in life that bring meaning to it.

10 thoughts on “Jessi Thran”

  1. I love your depiction of this book. I have read the book in the past and I think you captured the imagery in the book perfectly. I really like the last image. I has an eery feel which is the overall sense I received from the book.

  2. These are interesting photographs and I assume they illustrate the concept of the book well. I have never read this book but I feel your interpretation of it is well formed in your photography. What other books are you looking to photograph as well, or is this just a one time project? I would love to see more from this series and whether or not you’ll grow on this concept.

  3. I think these images are all successful besides the first one. The others have a very cinematic feel to them, which goes well with the idea of capturing book scenes in photography (as that is essentially what movies based on books are doing). I especially like the lighting of the third image and the overall drama of the second and fourth images. Great work!

  4. I really like these as a set. The two building shots mixed with the two shots of the people works well as pairings. The movement of the hand in the second image becomes a little distracting and eerie to me though. At first glance it appears as though the pianist has three hands.

  5. I don’t know this book, and I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but I love the way the top two pictures mimic each other, along with the bottom two photos doing the same. The lines, the colors, and the color planes all seem to mimic each other in very different aspects of your life. I think that could be a very interesting idea to contemplate.

  6. Your two most visually appealing images are the first and last but those are the two I see as the least communicative of your concept. I actually don’t understand your concept from images. Can you explain maybe?

  7. I really love how you made the concept about this book and turned it into your own life events. I think the photos with actual people in them are the most successful. It shows the humans interacting with the space, and I think that’s important to show to us viewers. I really love the piano one where the girl’s hands are blurred, since it gives off a sense of movement/ action. Great job overall!

  8. The two bottom images are really grabbing my attention. The one in the crowd just really goes with your concept and is beautiful and full of energy. I can imagine the moment and hear all the noise in my head.

  9. These are interesting images as stand alones, but I’m having trouble putting them together as a series. As someone who hasn’t read Looking For Alaska, these images don’t seem to have any connecting theme throughout them. You could explore having for example, the same person, object, or color, etc, in each photo, just to streamline them and let the viewer know that they’re looking at a continuous/connected story. Lovely photos on their own, but the narrative could you a little work!

  10. the third image is interesting images within it. The composition is well thought and the image itself has all tones of gray — the techniques are executed well.

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