photography, Western Michigan University

Megan Bahus





Megan Bahus Art 3470 – Digital Photography 1 Photo Manipulation Digital Prints; ideally 12′ x 24″ 20 Images Total The Endangered Sequence This series explores the ideas of everyday human habitation combined with existing alongside our animal counterparts specifically the endangered. These photos explore ideas and questions raised by a book trilogy I am reading known as “The Partial Sequence” by Dan Wells. The book series explores a post-apocalyptic world in which the humans were poorly effected but there were no mention of the animals that survived as well; they were seemingly unaffected and thus my curiosities about this irony was born. These photos are meant to be posted as card stock flyers to be flung along the campuses as the animal rights activist scream “be an advocate!” or to be printed in large, mini billboard format to confront the daily driver as they speed down 94 avoiding the boys in blue.

8 thoughts on “Megan Bahus”

  1. I really like the use of double exposure in these images. It makes me look deeper into the image. I also find myself trying to connect the dots between the overlay image and the digital image underneath. I especially like the one with the tiger.

  2. These are great images, and I like that you are using a double exposure for the images. My question is if you would want to explore with traditional photography and doing this in camera. This would give an opportunity to be surprised in what comes out, but overall great concept. I would like to know more about your project, and whether or not you are pitching this idea to animal rights programs.

  3. I love the double exposure and use of colors in these images. I find myself looking at these pictures for longer than normal, and that’s a great thing to do to your audience. There’s so much information in each picture that it’s almost too overwhelming, but I feel like that feeling works in your series. Good job overall with exaggerating the colors and combining nature/ animals with human life.

  4. I really enjoy the idea of this concept, and your execution is pretty good. One thing I am wondering, however, is the significance of the subject matter behind the human photographs. Why specifically did you choose people sitting at a bar, then pair it with the fish, for example?

  5. I feel this reads too much as a campaign/advertisement than conceptual fine art. I’m just not sure where the art is in it. Maybe if the images has more of an emotional impact on the viewer, that would help.

  6. I really like your style of incorporating more traditional art with photography. The only recommendation i would make is not to make your tints so heavy. Great job though!

  7. I really like the point that you are trying to bring across through these images. It is a strong statement and really gets the viewer to think. I also like that you merged all of these images into one.

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