photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Alexandra Bramstadt





Alexandra Bramstadt
Art 576: Photography
Digital Prints; 8.5 X 10

I’ve been working strongly with books and using various methods of destruction and capturing the way the books have been effected through the process of this destruction. These images were planted into a pot with some seeds and I took pictures along with the process of the plants growing. I used the images to show the way that the water, sunlight, dirt, etc worked to grow the plants alongside the way these elements worked with the destruction of the books.

8 thoughts on “Alexandra Bramstadt”

  1. I love this concept and I think these pictures are very successful. They capture the essence of being buried and the books you used only drive that point further. It would have been cool to see the plant grow a little more but you don’t have much control over that. Overall I really like these images and want to see more.

  2. These images are extremely successful in that they have really great lighting. I also really enjoy the stains and wrinkles of the pages in the book. I think that they could be made stronger in the framing, maybe getting closer on the text. I also think that more plant growth would allow for some creative shots, but you also can’t really do much about that. Overall, these are really interesting and strong as images.

  3. I am really drawn to that bottom image, because I feel it uniquely captures the destruction of the book by water and natural force. I think that it is more successful than the second image showing a similar part of the book, prior to destruction. Overall, I like your concept! Nice work. 🙂

  4. I love seeing the transition through a series of photographs. I think you should keep going with this and it could be a nice narrative of what happens to the books and a beautiful plant comes in. It could take a while, but I think it could be worth it. Overall, these are very strong, I really like them.

  5. These have a very interesting and provocative idea behind them. I immediately associated the books in the dirt with the trees that are used to make the books, being replanted in a sense. I really appreciate the many symbolic meanings these images have, and how the dirt and water and sun begin to age the book. They are also done very well compositionally and technically.

  6. Interesting concept. This is very unique and caught my attention. It’s very simple, yet very powerful. Your pictures pick up many details and textures making it interesting to look at. I think the message you are sending is strongly conveyed in these images. Well done

  7. I think the concept of putting the book and soil together is really interesting. However, I feel like you can put these two elements together tighter visually.

  8. I really like the second image. Being able to read the words and having the words give me a picture in my head. That image that I thought of had to do with dirt. Since you have dirt in our picture makes a very strong connection. I love that there is that connection.

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