photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Dakota Mace


DSC_4219 copy

Dakota Mace
ART 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 8″x11″

The Navajo Textile Project focuses on the restoration and documentation of unique Navajo Blankets that have been influenced by the English language. The project will look into the issues of cultural identification within traditional and contemporary Navajos lifestyles. The collection is of great importance and needs to be seen by the world because it gives a glimpse into the history of Navajo weaving that has occurred in the past 100 years.

The idea for the project originated from Jamie Ross, a longtime collector of Navajo Blankets. The collection itself is housed in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, and includes over 700 blankets that vary in design and age. The intention of the project was to photograph each blankets but later developed into the idea of creating a book as well as exhibition for the pieces that are influenced by the English language.

Images photographed are part of the project, and are portraits of Jamie Ross. I used two different lighting techniques and wanted to know which portrait works best.

5 thoughts on “Dakota Mace”

  1. The distance you give the subject in the first photo displays more of the weavings and makes the image more about them. The second image on the other hand has more of a dramatic lighting by leaving half of the mans face in shadow so for lighting I feel that one is more successful.

  2. I really like how you captured the first image with the weavings and then zoomed into the subject’s facial expression. It really gives you a sense of the emotion he’s feeling about the topic.

  3. As Olivia mentioned, I like the juxtaposition of the two images, showing the man’s collection of weavings followed by focusing on the man himself. The lighting on the second image is great: it seems to showcase the somewhat somber expression on his face.

  4. I really enjoy the expression that you caught within this gentleman’s face. This image is very strong and it looked great in the art lofts gallery.I would be interested in seeing more of your photography.

  5. There framing/cropping of the image makes a huge difference in the focus of the image. In the first image I am more drawn to the artifacts surrounding the individual, putting him in context to the objects and relating all elements together. When I see that I wonder if the individual made the blankets and what is his relationship to the objects (the blankets are my main focus). Whereas the second image, it is a beautiful and powerful portrait of the person with some minor context given in the background — the image is all bout the person, his facial expressions, and details of his features.

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