8 thoughts on “Danni Xie”

  1. i am very attracted to the bottom two photographs for their lovely compositions and awareness of space. the top two are a little less appealing, for the washed out darkness in the second one and the top one being washed out by flash it seems. otherwise these images would be more interesting i feel. i am curious how they fit together as well.

  2. Your images are very well composed and interesting to a viewer. I would like to know more about your concept and the reason why you chose to group these images together. The last image I feel is your strongest and would want to see a project stem from just that image alone. Overall, great images and keep up the work.

  3. Hi Danni – For some reason, on screen, I am most captivated by that third image. I really enjoy how the light fills the space, as well as how you chose to photograph the subject (not looking so direct at the camera). The second image does seem a little grainy — but it wasn’t appearing this way in print – I am thinking it printed a little darker? In that image, I really enjoy how the subject casts a shadow onto the ground. Looking forward to seeing your final series.

  4. the first image is really captivating (they all are actually!!). The way you have positioned the railing to be right in front of her neck makes me unsettle with what this person going to do next!
    The silhouette of people and the lighting in the last image is well captured.

  5. The various lines and shapes in all of the images peaks my interest. I love that you can follow the lines to and find your way to all parts of each image. Very good use of composition.

  6. I really enjoy the last picture. I like that its not just people in front of a light source but they are sitting in front of a picture. I also like that the image is centered and that there is an even amount of people in the picture. In the third picture I just with that the crack of the glass behind the girl in the corner was right behind her head instead of being slightly off centered.

  7. I think I enjoy the second picture the most. The lines in the photo draw my attention and the rule of thirds was present with the lady. I like how the lady is not looking into the camera, but away from the camera.

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