photography, Western Michigan University

Deon Mixon




Deon Mixon
ART 3470 Digital Photography I
digital prints; 12″ x 10″
Series: Being: Anomaly
20 photos: 3 of 20 (+1 of the initial 2 sent= 4 total provided from the series; excluding the other of the first two sent)

Being: Anomaly explores the phenomenon in which an individual can be present within a natural, realistic realm, but also present and/or originate from a rather surrealistic or supernatural realm. The emphasis is on the mystery and discovering of the self within this dual-realm, or single-world where two realms have been united because of the individual’s intrinsic and distinctive being. Discovering the purpose of the self and understanding the self itself within such a world where two realms meet is the focus.

These are Being 13, 18, and 20.

6 thoughts on “Deon Mixon”

  1. There’s definitely a sense of mystery in the first two images, especially with the being half in the shadows. My one critique on the images is their color, they have too much blue and magenta. You should not rely on changing the normal colors to get your idea across. The shallow depth of field in the first two really works to your advantage.

  2. You need to start metering your camera on the shadows of your model’s face. Underexposed images are not the same as “dark” images. If you’re looking for a dark sense, then keep the surroundings dark. An image without information isn’t very interesting.

  3. I am particularly interested in the first two images. They really draw the viewer’s eye. However, I do think color correction is necessary to make these images stronger.

  4. As mentioned by the other comments, some of the images are a bit dark and underexposed, thus some of the subject is lost in shadow. The color is also in a bit of a need for balancing as well. Compositionally, however, the images are quite interesting, and I think would look quite nice with corrections.

  5. Though the images are a little bit dark, I really like the contrast between the person and the sight of the city. And the light violet color of background is nice.

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