photography, Western Michigan University

John Rapanotti





John Rapanotti
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints – 8.5×11

This series of photographs is inspired by the novel The Alchemist. The main underlying theme is following your dreams; finding a way to achieve your destiny. I have attempted to portray this as a very serious and delicate matter, using the lamp to represent one’s inner passion or want to achieve their deepest desire. That desire is a gift, and when your passion is burning it lights the way through the darkness and guides you. Though if you are not careful with your gift, when an obstacle arises it can easily extinguish your light; leaving you lost in the darkness.

10 thoughts on “John Rapanotti”

  1. I like your representation of the lamp/light as standing for an inner passion. I think your final image is especially impactful. The way the hand is positioned and lit works really well to show the way the light might end up extinguished. I would be really interested to see this expanded and how you could continue to work with these ideas.

  2. These images are very captivating. You did well to not let the low lighting ruin your images. It is also interesting the focus on hands and such. I’ve never read the book but the series gives off a nice eerie vibe. I like it!

  3. i really enjoy these images, the lighting is really well done and impressively sharp, considering the very small light source. images 1 3 and 4 are my favorite and i don’t know if 2 is really necessary, when you have 3 showing the body of the person. all around great images.

  4. These are great! Out of all of them i think my favorite would have to be the last one. There’s a strong sense of good vs. evil/ light vs. darkness that i think you’ve captured phenomenally. Keep up the great work.

  5. These are really strong images, and I like that you chose to focus on a single source of light. It adds an eeriness to the whole series and makes me want to know more about the book itself. The idea of desire really shows through and the concept of the book really speaks through. I would love to see more from this series and what other concepts or scenes from the book that inspire you to create work.

  6. These photos are so elegantly and brilliantly done. This focus is incredible, and the subject matter is so interestingly used to convey your idea. I love the symbolism and metaphor you use, it’s done very well. The drama in each photo created by the bright light and subtle detail is amazing.

  7. These images are captured really well and they show a variety of different perspectives with the focus on the candle. I’d like to see a little more context within these images to make them even stronger. Maybe with the hands writing in a journal or doing something else by candlelight.

  8. The lighting works very well in these images. The dark parts remain just dark enough to give off an eerie vibe and the light from the flame stays just tame enough to light the space but not overdoing it.

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