6 thoughts on “Liz Graves”

  1. I really love how you shot at night, because it really captures the illumination of the buildings and draws attention to them. The framing in the photos are really strong and I really enjoy the photograph with the car, because it shows that even though these buildings remain still, human lives are constantly in motion.

  2. Liz – all these images, again, are really strong. My favorite one is the second one as the grass is lit, and you photographed it from a interesting angle – maybe consider it for your final series? The top image looks like a still from a movie – which is also really cool.

  3. I think you could have found better angles for the architecture (like you did in the bottom image). This is a serious I would need to see more of for variety. You did achieve very good long exposures at night with nice focus. And the bright white from the light posts is beautiful.

  4. All of these images really work together and I enjoy how the space at night is filled with light. The buildings stay alive at night and machines, people, whatever stay working. I find it interested how the spaces are all human made yet we don’t find any in the images. These really read like a story also from top to bottom.

  5. I definitely like what you have going here. Far and away, I think your third picture is the strongest. It has wonderful composition and leading lines, and really draws the eye through the piece. I do like your idea of architecture at night, and in a city as beautiful as madison, it wouldn’t be hard to explore this further and really push yourself in finding really interesting, unique architecture. Overall, I really enjoy the series.

  6. Images of architecture are always interesting to me. My favorite part about your images are the angles you chose to take this pictures from. They aren’t typical angles for buildings to be taken in and it makes the photos that much more intriguing to look at.

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