7 thoughts on “Lynn Finney”

  1. Love this concept! Capturing moments like that is so important. I would love to see the shoes placed a bit more hap-hazardly, which would capture more of a feeling of a moment – as though the people who had been wearing the shoes had kicked them off, or had taken them off at the end of a long day. I do a lot of traveling, and rarely do I take the time to neatly arrange my shoes if I am off on an adventure!

  2. I really like the contrast in your images and the warmth that it provides. The blurriness of the last image really drives home the memory for me because memory changes and fade over time.

  3. I like your idea and think that you express this the best in the bottom image. It appears as if there are people standing in the shoes but they are ghost like, making it seem like they are traveling in time. The other two are nice shots but seem more about arranging shoes in an interesting design rather than traveling with friends. Im really drawn to the bottom image.

  4. Interesting concept regarding the use of shoes to showcase your memories. I like the contrast in the top two images, specifically the second, showing the shoes in the shadows. The bottom image is especially interesting, as if showing the memory of a group of friends taking an elevator ready to go out.

  5. If the theme is travelling and memorable times with friends, shouldn’t there be humans to reflect that? I think the way you have portrayed the shoes in these images gives the opposite sense — stillness and separation. I have to say, regardless of the theme, I really like the composition of the first and last image. The ghosting affect creates movement in the image.

  6. I enjoy that in the first picture the shoes are all laying out all randomly. Even without the message of the series, I really like the first image even when it stands alone. For the last picture I wold have liked it more if the shoes were clear in it or the lights were clear. I would have liked at least one thing clear.

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