4 thoughts on “Marissa Mackey”

  1. Marissa – I am very captivated by that top image. The flat light on the trees that casts a shadow onto the car is beautiful. The bottom image is strong as well, however I don’t get as much of a “night” feel with it because there is so much light. Overall, well done.

  2. The top image is really interesting, the way the trees overlap the car makes me want to see more. I love to tone of the car also, that brown really compliments the natural color of the trees and almost camouflages in the scene as if its no longer a car. I would be interested to see this cropped really tight though, like bring it down so you don’t see any white dots or light sources.

  3. I am very interested in the lighting you chose for your images. The street lamp definitely creates a soft, but strong light in the first photo. I would also be interested to see the second image not lit from the front, with the only source of light to be the headlights in the background.

  4. I think you really take advantage of the light coming from the front. This light really create the depth of the image more. We can see the interaction between the foreground and the background.

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