10 thoughts on “Natalie Kirk”

  1. I think these are some really well composed and funny pictures but i’m having trouble taking your message seriously. I think if you had the men in the close doing housework, or what’s more traditionally thought to be “woman’s work”, your photos would be a lot more powerful. Although i may sound critical, i do think you are on the right track!

  2. I really like your title of the series, and the strategic play on words. Very creative. Great lighting in these images, and I think that the variety in age of male subjects helps out this series a lot.

  3. You open up a very interesting and awesome narrative for viewers to question gender and identity. Clothes are an accessory to the human body and help us represent ourselves, our profession, interests, style, gender and sexuality and by switching the roles, it definitely speaks to a gender gap and highlight the differences.

  4. Your images and concept are both very strong! It is a very interesting idea to create this kind of portrait. And I am so glad that you shoot all of them very naturally and dynamically. Hope to see more!

  5. The concept of this series is very interesting. I like how you addressed the gender gap in a much different way than most people would. I would like to hear more about this series.

  6. Very interesting work! I really appreciate your sparking the conversation about gender and all of these social constructs we see daily. I like the simple portrait nature of the photos, as we really get a good view of these men, standing in “women’s” clothing, putting it all out there. Very provocative way to start a conversation! Also, love the title, very clever.

  7. The concept behind these photos is really amazing. The way that such a real and pressing social issue is dealt with in the photo series in a way that makes it readily available for discussion is very powerful.

  8. The topic you have chosen is meaningful and powerful. I am curious to know if these people themselves chose to wear the clothes they are wearing, and if this is the pose they chose themselves. These images raise a lot of question to me about who they are, how they came across you, and what they think of the social expectations. I think you have done a great job with the series.

  9. Super awesome idea!! These images are rebellious and spark a much needed conversation about social constructs and gender norms!

  10. It is a very interesting idea. What is great in these images are how you have your models behave or pose. It looks like they have huge confident, and they are very natural. That allows us to focus on the theme deeply without any distraction.

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