5 thoughts on “Taylor Galaszewski”

  1. i really love these photographs, for their simplicity, bright colors and slight abstraction. bar scenes tend to be very overwhelming, but these give a sense of peace almost and sensuality. i would love to see more of these, i am a fan.

  2. I love these images because they really give an atmosphere of the “night life” and the neon colors accentuate that. The framing you chose in the second image is really great.

  3. These are great images, and I like that you played with the idea of using artificial lights to create scenes. Bars are especially interesting to shoot in and I would want to see more from this series and maybe turn it into a full project. The lighting is great as well, and it really adds to the images creating a unique atmosphere.

  4. it’s really awesome seeing these images lined up on top of another because it really reads as one space. I think the mood and lighting your able to create while still being part of the action is awesome. The shots appear as if we are at the party not an outsider looking in.

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