photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Tyler Madey

Stranger no. 43

Stranger no. 47

Tyler Madey
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8.5 x 11

Statement: These images are a part of my Strangers series. Strangers is a series of portraits that shows there are similarities between one another. My process is to approach random people on the streets and ask to take their pictures. The subjects are composed through similar framing, calling attention to the similarities inherent within their individual beauty and uniqueness.

2 thoughts on “Tyler Madey”

  1. What I enjoy about this series is how you got these really tight personal compositions with people you just met. These both seem as if you have known the people and talked with them longer than a brief chat. Really comfortable subjects make the warm, personal images I enjoy and these show that to me.

  2. Very cool topic! The second image, I am struggling with the framing. I think having some room at the bottom of the image would have made less confound.

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