8 thoughts on “Tyson Banh”

  1. These images are stunning. The middle image with the empty pitchers is really striking. As someone who’s spent time at the union, I think these photos have a somewhat eerie feeling as well as a sense of calm. The composition of the photographs are also nice.

  2. Together the three photos forms a narrative. The first photo is my favorite as I’ve never seen that part of the memorial union building without people in front of/in it.

  3. First off great images, the first one is extremely striking! I like the idea of your project, but I feel that you can push your idea more, and really start to see the differences from a usually crowded area to a completely empty one. The last two images don’t really convey your idea as much as the first one, even though they are well put images. I would suggest that you start to place yourself into these areas more than once and try to view it from different perspectives.

  4. Tyson, really great work! I love all of them. I am so glad that you went there during the night time and colors are very intriguing even during that time. And you just had a really successful final series too! I like your composition in the second one most.

  5. These photographs are fantastic. I’m particularly impressed with the third, and how well you were able to capture the vibrant colors of all the terrace chairs even under the nighttime sky.

  6. these images are beautiful! The amount of detail you have managed to capture in frankly all of the images especially the first one is incredible. Even though this is night photography, you maintained a nice balance between the light coming from the windows and the outside lighting — this is something that a lot of photos taken at night struggle.

  7. I really love the last image (of course all of them are great) but i love how crisp that last photo is. When i think of Madison summer nights thats exactly what I imagine!

  8. I really love the third image. The colors are very bright and pop very well. I also really like that it is dark out because then it helps make the colors pop and you focus on the chairs and tables rather than the background. Finally I really enjoy that there is no people in the picture. It really makes the picture.

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