photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

​Jourden Sürrí​​





​Jourden Sürrí​​
Art 576​: Advanced Photography
Digital colour prints; 4″ x 6″
4 of 20+

Images are from a semester long (and still ongoing) series called “Two years and counting” where I pair photos that have to do with the past 2+ years along with writings about specific events that have deeply effected me in this time.

Most, if not all, of the subjects touched upon in the series are things that I never truly got to analyze in depth or talk about to anyone where I truly felt listened to. The purpose of this series is for personal catharsis, to be able to communicate what I have been unable to through these past years.

These images along with the writings will be put into book form, and take on a journal-esque aesthetic due to it’s extremely personal content.

The images show recreations of actual events, representations of daily life, emotions, and struggles I go through; as well as putting across ideas of how I think about myself.

7 thoughts on “​Jourden Sürrí​​”

  1. These are very captive images and leave so much open space for interpretation. I think you did an excellent job in not only composing each separate image, but in the overall aesthetic of these four images together. They all complement each other nicely and I assume the rest of your series is as cohesive as this sampling.

    As for what the series is about, are you recreating the events from the past two years or did you take these images over that span of time?

  2. These are extremely powerful images. I like the framing you have used and the details as well. I hope to see more from this series

  3. These images are really powerful. I really like the concept and how your photographs embody the emotions you were feeling in the past couple of years. I really would like to see more.

  4. wow. The topic for these images is equally as powerful as the photos themselves. I agree with Ty, each image is strong by itself and leaves a lot of room for interpretation but they also work beautifully as a narrative as a whole. Really nice work.

  5. wow wow wow! Your photos are very very powerful. These images are full of emotions and reflect your feelings and journey you have been going through. Additionally the angle and perspective you have chosen for each image amplifies the details of the image.

  6. There is no doubt that these images are very powerful. You are a very brave individual to share these things. I know that, on some level that must be difficult. I don’t know you and I have no right to say this but i’m proud of you. Truly.
    The image that caught my eye is the one of the bandaids lined in a row on a nicely lit windowsill. I think I am draw to this one because it gives a hint of time line. This really shows / tells me of your struggles and how it was on going. That makes your photo dynamically successful.

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