photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Alexandra Folino




Alexandra Folino
ART 476: Digital Photography
Digital Print 8×10

In this series, I sought to converge my photography with graphic design. After editing the photo in photoshop, I use Adobe Illustrator to manipulate how a viewer’s eye may see the subject. I am interested in how the audience views these images in a hierarchical sense with the use of graphic elements, as well as how they may engage or respond to the subject. My background in ballet, as well as my collaboration with a dancer on campus allowed me to create and develop the aesthetic and concept for this piece.

Inspired by editorial magazine layouts, modern lifestyle publications and the fashion industry, I strive to create a visual experience that is captivating and compelling, where all elements are strategically placed with purpose. “

8 thoughts on “Alexandra Folino”

  1. Allie – this series is beautiful! My critique, however, would be on the polygonal shape that you have drawn around the dancers – the way you have portrayed the dancers is soft, graceful, and balletic, and the somewhat harsh angles takes away from the grace and beauty of the shape of the body for me. Purely a personal opinion, but the graphic would hold more power for me if the lines were simply connected to points on the dancer, rather than putting her in a box and constricting her. Beautiful work!

  2. I like the way you’ve defined the various dance moves in each of the images. I also like the way the background seems to visually add to the figure of the dancer rather than take away and distract from it. I am slightly distracted by the lines being so close to the figure, especially when they come off and meet at a certain point. Overall, these images are really beautiful and I really like the framing you did.

  3. I love the way you draw the eye to the dancer and back to the words. There is a nice connection through your use of graphic design elements. My favorite is the bottom one, there is something about just seeing her silhouette. Nicely done.

  4. I really like how you incorporated graphic design into these photographs. The photographs themselves are well composed and I think the lines really add to the compositions.

  5. You are really good at graphic design! Your graphic design absolutely adds more dynamic to these dancer images! I love the first image. It is very clean and strong and well composed. Good work! Look forward to seeing more images created by you in the future.

  6. As a graphically minded person, I was immediately drawn in by your composition. I love the stark lines contrasting the elegant movement of the subject. My favorite is by far the first photo. The second one, for me, is a bit flat being in B&W. And the last has too much distraction in the background. I think if you framed it more like the first photo (with the subject taking up most of the frame), it wouldn’t be an issue.

    As a dancer, I absolutely love this series! I want a book of these 🙂

  7. the lines in the images are really elegant and neat. I feel like these lines actually flatten the figure, which makes the photography into more like a graphic design and poster.

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