4 thoughts on “Allison Driesenga”

  1. I think you have the right level of opacity to overlay both images. The first and third image are the most successful because of the negative space. You could try zooming out to get more sky in the scene with the house.

  2. the bottom image, wow! very powerful. I honestly feel like the overlapping effect with the trees gives the cat a sense of wondering or questioning life which is really awesome.

  3. I really enjoy these images because even though I am not familiar with the novel you are depicting, I do know of Neil Gaiman and his work and these photographs definitely portray his style. I do think that the backgrounds behind the cats could be more diverse to introduce more context to tell the story.

  4. Cool concept! The bottom photo I think is the most successful of the three. The overlay of the cat works compositionally and adds interest to an otherwise simple photo.

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