16 thoughts on “Andrew Zvonek”

  1. i really enjoy the way that these images are so active, my eye can pick out certain objects but the way that you shot them gives motion and life to each color and object. because of the top photograph i can tell they are at an amusement park but i like the anonymity of the characters.

  2. These images do a really good job of capturing your idea of being unstuck in time. The blur helps with that a lot. These images are somewhat dizzying in that way. I really like the middle image and the way that the figure of the girl is clear enough. It becomes a really good way of grounding the image and giving a focal point, especially in relation to the two other photos.

  3. Having just recently read this book I think you did a good job of explaining a very difficult idea. The idea of free will and a continuous spectrum of time is not an easy one to portray visually but by using motion blur, I think you did just that.

  4. I really like your idea of being unstuck in time. I’ve never really thought of the idea of being “unstuck” in time, so I think that’s really clever. Usually I don’t like having blur in pictures, but for this concept, and the way you composed the pictures works really well. I really like the mysterious vibe these are giving, but they’re also giving off a fun vibe as well. I feel a connection with these photos like they’re memories of my past, like when I went to an amusement park when I was younger.

  5. These images do such a great job at capturing an imagined aesthetic of Vonnegut’s concept of being unstuck in time! I especially enjoy how each image has such a different narrative to it while all being so similar aesthetically. Great job!

  6. These images are really interesting and I am glad that you captured these moving moments so well! I like the first two images a lot because colors are dynamic. Your images are blurred but make me wanna guess what is really going on in there.

  7. I really enjoy a good long exposure and these shots are beautiful. I actually love the blown out overexposed look and you still get a sense of space but not clear. Very exciting full of movement, the middle image is really strong because of the motion captured in different directions while something is still somewhat still and focused.

  8. I really enjoy all of these photographs. I think the colors are stunning and unique. I love the way the blur/camera shake turned out. It seems deliberate, while at the same time totally chaotic. Nice work!

  9. I think you do a really good job of depicting your(and Vonneguts) idea of time. I too, read that book and found the way they discussed time very intriuging, and I can definitely see what you’re going for. In photography, I think we can forget about how much time is weaved into the narrative, and this does a good job of translating time.

  10. These images really make me feel like I’m remembering something slightly fuzzy from my childhood. The blurred images paired with shapes that I can just barely make out and the bright colors mixed with the shaky lines…These are doing a great job of conveying that feeling for me.

  11. This is a really cool idea. I love your first image – super successful/organic colors, movement, and composition. I would try to mimic this photo for the rest of your series. The last photo feels more forced than the top. You already had people moving for your motion blur, so maybe think about holding the camera still so that you can have some solid composition from your background? Otherwise it starts to look too abstract for my eyes to have somewhere to focus on.

  12. As someone who has read this book, I find these pictures to show the concept of being ‘unstuck in time’ to definitely be interesting. The blur and exposure really portrays a similar feeling of the suddenness of Billy Pilgrim’s trip through time, as if portraying memories racing in the mind.

  13. These images are very fuzzy and busy and they give a great sense of someone trying to remember a certain point in time. They are very abstract and well shot. I believe these images could have a lot of meanings behind them.

  14. I love the movements and chaos of these images. At an amusement park, the energy and activity is high, and I think the way the light is distorted in these photos displays that. I also love the concept of “unstuck in time.”

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