13 thoughts on “Caimyn Lutze”

  1. This image, although rather disturbing, is captivating. You did a very good job of integrating the zipper and making it look real. I like the concept and I think you got the metaphor across very well. I would be interested to see more images like this one as your Photoshop and photography skills are very good.

  2. I like this photo as an image a lot but find the zipper-mouth part a little unreal. It’s probably because the zipper is missing a slider.

  3. I like the concept of creating photos as a metaphor. I think you did a really good job photoshopping the zipper onto the mouth, and the lighting is pretty nice. I’d like to know a little more about the idea or inspiration behind this photo, and to see more in the series. Right now it looks a little too cliche in a way, but I think it would be fine when looking at a series as a whole.

  4. Framing this photo in such a way that cut off the subject’s eyes is successful with the inclusion of the zipper over the subject’s mouth. I wonder if this image is a part of a series or just a one-off metaphorical photograph? It would be interesting to see more of your work on this if it exists.

  5. Yes, I agree! It is well photographed but it just feels a little bit unreal. I would love to see more photos from this metaphor series.

  6. This photo definitely grabbed my attention, I actually had to feel my lips because the zipper looks extremely painful. It doesn’t need to look realistic..the photo seems to be more about the idea of being closed, silenced or sealed shut from something, at least for me that’s what comes to mind first.

  7. Very powerful image. I suggest softening the edges of the zipper to make it blend slightly better, but the shape fits perfectly.

    It really makes me interested in what the rest of this series looks like and what other metaphors you were able to think of.

  8. I really enjoy this photograph because it brings up a concept that can be taken as many different ways. I think that it really draws the viewer into the photograph as is.

  9. Really well done. In contrast to some of the other comments I feel that not having the zipper slider makes the image more effective. I love the contrast/composition, and you did a great job of effectively using photoshop. My one critique is that it feels just a bit flat – I would remove a little magenta/yellow or add a bit of cyan back into your image.

  10. I’d like to know a little bit more of your project. I think it is a very interesting photo and I’m sure the rest of the series is too! I think the lighting is spot on and you are a lot better at photoshop than I am, ha!

  11. When I first looked at the picture, the zipper was the first thing that caught my attention because its something that is unusual that you see on a persons lips. The blur in the background helps capture the focus on the zipper. The zipper being flat, having the form of the lips curve in to the zipper and the color of the lips makes the zipper project.

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