photography, Western Michigan University

Dakota Siwecki





Dakota Siwecki
ART 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Images; 8″ x 10″
In a series of 20 images

These photographs are inspired by the book, “Looking for Alaska,” by John Green. I wanted to capture one of the main characters using words that described her through the book. The five words I based my photos off were: tragedy, loss, maze, obstacle, mysterious.

4 thoughts on “Dakota Siwecki”

  1. I love your framing and the boldness of the colors in the first and last images in this series. I also find myself drawn to the third image of the sand. The size of it differs from the other images and that is also intriguing to me. I’m wondering why you made that choice. I’m not sure if it was a conscious choice or bay accident.

  2. The framing in all these photos is really great. I especially like the perspective on the last photograph, it really draws the viewer’s attention to the bold letters. I have read Looking for Alaska and I think the imagery you captured here is interesting because I can only think of how the steering wheel relates to the story.

  3. As with the other two, I agree. The framing is really working these images (though I wish the orange safety ring wasn’t slightly clipped on the right side). The vibrance of the colors is working to your advantage as well.

  4. Love the composition and vibrance of the first image and the last image! I’m sure your story would be better understood had I read that book, but I think the motion blurred steering wheel feels out of place in this series. If you had included the car that made the tracks in the sand photo, and had added an element of motion blur in that photo too, it might fit a little bit better?

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