4 thoughts on “Erika Herrera”

  1. i really enjoy these images of you. i am immediately drawn to the top image, because of how classically and successfully the photo is taken and composed. the dark maroon is really lovely in the top, while the bottom is a little more abrupt of a color. the lighting is much more successful on the top image and in general i enjoy it much more than the bottom image, where i can’t seem to get past the blurryness.

  2. I think these portraits speak to your audience culturally. These images give a kind of whimsical feeling and the backdrops you selected were interesting.

  3. Interesting idea! Your first image is definitely stronger of the two. In casting the shadow on your model the background blends away and simply enhances the photo, without taking the focus off of your subject. In the second image, however, the harsh shadows coming off the model and all of the negative space taken up by the wrinkles of the fabric take away from your composition. I think if you either cropped in on the subject, or burned down the background/smoothed out the wrinkles/light spots/etc., your second image would be just as strong as the first.

  4. I really like the first image. The gaze from the person in the image really makes me to feel something. Also, the prop and staged scene really enhance the emotion of the photograph. However, I feel like there can be more dramatic lighting.

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