5 thoughts on “Jordan Tran”

  1. I am very drawn to the bottom image in particular. I think that it illustrates the connection between human and technology, and that the blurred action really adds to the entire concept. Then looking at the top image makes me wish that there was some sort of blurred element as well in that one as well, but these are definitely on track! Great work!

  2. I really like the top image with the back-lighting and rim light on the subject’s shoulder. These images definitely show the integration in how we use technology.

  3. I think my favorite image is the bottom one. At least, it accurately depicts the way I imagine most people use technology. I know I’m always on my computer and eating at the same time (or at least, it looks like the figure has food in their hands). Ha. Could be an interesting commentary there.

  4. I think that the last two images fit really nicely together. The soft blue computer light that diffuses through both is aesthetically pleasing to look at, and the motion blur stitches them together as a series even more. The first image feels too stagnant in relation to the other two. If they are going to be presented together again, I would put that first image in the center.

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