photography, Western Michigan University

Levii Sleight





Levii Sleight
Art 3470: Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 16″ x 24″
20 total images in the series

This series of photos were taken loosely based on the book “Devil in The White City”, there is a serial killer in the book, so in these photos I wanted to portray what could cause someone to become a serial killer or get the thoughts of being one, and I went with loneliness.

11 thoughts on “Levii Sleight”

  1. Hi Levii – I think that the most successful image is the bottom one because of the shadow the subject is casting on the wall. Overall, at the second picture I wish was a little more eerie, because the pose of the subject paired with the flat light makes the photograph seem a bit humorous – maybe dimmer lighting, and a different pose where the subject is more introspective and closed off may help with this. Overall, great work! Thanks!

  2. I think the staircase and the parking lot are your strongest of these images. They really show loneliness and emptiness because we’re able to see more in the background. There seems to be more depth and an infinite background where there’s more to roam than the ones against the walls that look very flat and block us from moving anywhere else.

  3. In all images, you used the space really well. Relatively, I think the first one may be the least successful one among all because of the chaos background.

  4. I think your idea is great, I am not sure the lighting matches loneliness however. I think the shots are strong alone but maybe the street lights are bringing to strong of a light? Possibly a longer exposure in a darker setting, or maybe a silhouette like the first image. The staircase image is my favorite because of the lighting and the space really does seem lonely, feels like he’s waiting or concerned about something.

  5. I think these images are really interesting, not sure the lighting matches the idea of loneliness in all of them though. The strongest one seems to be the silhouette on the staircase. It really reads as if he’s waiting or concerned about something.

  6. I think this series would have been stronger if the lighting had be manipulated a bit more. The inconsistency leaves me confused by the subject’s story – what is he doing? Why does it matter that it’s night? The first photo captures the “why” a little bit more than the others. The darkness on the subject’s face gives the viewer a more complete narrative to play with.

    I would also consider breaking it up with some photos that don’t include your subject, or maybe he isn’t sitting he’s walking, or wearing something different. It starts to feel like a cut-and-paste of this guy which makes your audience loose interest in his story.

  7. Great shots all of them. I really like the composition and your use of lighting and shadows for each. They all have a very “clean” feel or rather unedited. Im not sure about the loneliness theory but it definitely comes across that not good feelings are welling up due to the loneliness. Great job.

  8. I really like the environment that you put your model in, but I think these pictures are lacking diversity in the poses that the person is in. He seems to be doing the same thing and in a series with these all together it just seems like they would discount each other.

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