6 thoughts on “Madi Fair”

  1. These two photos are visually interesting and doesn’t seem to be chaotic even with so many colors and other visual elements going on in these two photos. I think that’s very difficult to manage.

  2. I really enjoyed how you captured the feathers and the lighting is really great. However, I would like a little more context. Perhaps more of the atmosphere of New Orleans?

  3. I definitely am drawn to the vibrancy of these images. I think your second image is much stronger than the first – your composition and lighting give my eye places to land and relax. The first photo has a bit too much going on for me. I would choose to focus in on the large fabric figure(?) and crop out excess ceiling/shopkeeper shoulder/etc.

  4. The second photo is what caught my attention. With all of the objects, you’d think it’d create a chaotic picture but the way you’ve composed it keeps it very much contained.

  5. I really like the chaos in these photos. The bottom one especially. The lighting in this is awesome, and I love how the photo looks like it is layered. I think the second image is a lot stronger than the first because of its lighting and composition.

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