4 thoughts on “Olivia Hoang”

  1. Olivia, I think that your choice to pair these two images together out of your larger series is wise. These two images to me accurately reflect your overall concept. I enjoy the close-up because it allows a viewer to experience little details much like a child would. Your second image is also candid and unexpected! Well done.

  2. I love these two images! You have created so many varied photos. And the first one is definitely the strongest. Composition is just very creative and successful! Great job : )

  3. I would definitely agree these two images really stood out for me. They really do capture your idea of a young persons schedule/routine. The bottom and top image are very relatable and think you could easily sell these if you ever desire too!

  4. These are adorable. I think you were successful in capturing the feeling of childhood.Both images feel just the slightest bit flat – I would maybe bump up the saturation and/or the contrast a little. But compositionally really great!

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