photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Rebecca Gongora





Rebecca Gongora
Art 576 – Advanced Photography
Digital Print, Iphone 6
4x4in image
Part of a larger series to be made into a book

This series of photographs emphasizes maternal responsibilities and the new chaos it brings to my identity. They are taken with an iPhone in order to capture the immediacy of everyday life. This is a response to societies unrealistic view of the picture perfect image of Motherhood.

5 thoughts on “Rebecca Gongora”

  1. Initially, the clearly iPhone quality of these photos distract me from the image themselves. However, after reading your statement I wonder if this was a choice to play on the “unrealistic view of the picture perfect image of Motherhood”? If it is, it might be worth exploring a higher resolution initially, and messing with how the viewer sees the image using photoshop. I’m not sure how iPhone images would translate if you wanted to print these or increase size. Really interesting message!

  2. I like how familiar these images are. There are beautiful in their simplicity and really make me feel like I experienced these with you. I think it speaks great volumes to your objective.

  3. I like the last one most. The other images are kind of close up and we can see the suffering of the baby directly. However, there are more information of the surrounding environment and we cannot see baby’s face. I feel like there is more trauma in the last one within this context.

  4. The last photo is by far my favorite! This concept of displaying not just the beauties of motherhood, but also the hardships, really lets the woman take control of the narrative of the photo and emphasizes the strength it takes to be a mom. Great job!

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