photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Katie Cooney





Katie Cooney
ART 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 8″ x 10″
Series of Ten

These images are a part of a continuing body of work that tells the stories of songs through photographs. The images in this series are based loosely on “Blame it on the Tetons” by Modest Mouse. This shoot focused less on the lyrics of the song and more on the beauty of the place, with the character finding a map and following it across the valley until she finds her treasure.

12 thoughts on “Katie Cooney”

  1. These photographs are extremely lovely, especially the lighting and the space you selected for your story. The atmosphere creates a whimsical state within the viewer. Your framing and composition are strong as well.

  2. I love the simplicity, gentleness and lighting of these photos. I think they all fit together beautifully. The first photo of the necklace is a little complicated – I would love to see a closer focus on the details of the necklace! Awesome job!

  3. There is a beautiful intimacy captured through these photographs. Through the well edited lighting, composition, and subject matter, I think you captured the beauty you were going for.

  4. These are some great photographs. I haven’t quite seen/heard the song that they’re influenced from, but these images seem as if they could be stills from a music video. The lighting is quite nice, too; nothing too bright and distracting, yet every bit of each individual photograph stands out in their own way.

  5. Awesome lighting on the bottom three photos. I get lost in the chaos of the plant in the top photo – I wonder if you could play with lighting and contrast to draw focus to the pendent a bit faster? I imagine these photos as part of a book, with the Modest Mouse lyrics (or other poetry) on the opposite page. Really light/pretty vibe, and great song choice 🙂

  6. I think these photos all seem very crisp. Lighting, focus and variation all make this series interesting. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, but in photos the Tetons are not in focus in, they don’t distract. Nice job.

  7. The way you captured the glow of the sun is extremely beautiful. The hues it creates within the photos really sets the tone.

  8. The sharpness, and the quality of lighting makes this picture astonishing to me. I love the scenery in the background. Perfect place for a fantasy adventure.

  9. These are great. I really love the place, model, her cloth, and the way you shoot. If there was a small figure of this model in the first picture (like the model walking to that bush from far away), I feel there could be more consistency.

  10. The last photograph stood out to me the most because the girl in the photograph seems to be bigger than the background. The girl bending down to the plants is what makes the background look smaller and her bigger with the help of the low aperture that the photograph was taken so the background could be blurred out while having the cut off and small size of the plant as well. The main contrast focus is on the girl which brings full attention to her.

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