photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Alexandra Folino​



Alexandra Folino​
ART 476: Digital Photography
Digital Print 8×10

In this series, I sought to converge my photography with graphic design. I am interested in how the audience views these images in a hierarchical sense with the use of graphic elements, as well as how they may engage or respond to the subject.

Inspired by editorial magazine layouts, modern lifestyle publications and the fashion industry, I strive to create a visual experience that is captivating and compelling, where all elements are strategically placed with purpose. “

11 thoughts on “Alexandra Folino​”

  1. I think the boxes act as a stage and really work for fashion/magazine style photography. What was a shot of someone standing somewhere, now seems to be a photo shoot with a purpose of bringing attention to the model and the setting serves as a decorative background not demanding too much attention.

  2. The design is beautiful. Compelling but so simple. I love the black and white in these photos as well. Generally I like to see faces in fashion but it definitely did not need it in this. Great shots!

  3. I love the use of graphic elements in this piece. It looks like something that could have come straight out of a fashion magazine or something. In the second photo, she has a bit of a halo that I’m kind of confused about, but it doesn’t distract from the beautiful image, regardless!

  4. I think you really nailed your goal – very much an editorial vibe and you really took your audiences’ eyes on the hierarchical journey you were intending. I would like to see more contrast in the top photo, and overall a bit more of the richness of the blacks. I think that would help your white graphics be even more effective.

  5. I think these are both interesting photos. The way that in neither photograph, the model is showing her face and instead using the hat to hide it is unique. I also really like the white squares.

  6. Both images strike me in the most positive way. The contrast between the woman’s hat and clothes on the background is aesthetically pleasing. The way she is posing, but at the same time hiding her face gives me this feeling of confidence because it seems that she is comfortable in front of the camera because she is posing, but at the same time feels like she knows she is too good to be seen.

  7. The boxes around the women really help us to focus on what she is wearing. I think you your use of graphic design really helped create an image that I think could be found in a magazine. The use of short and medium depth of field also add to this strong focus.

  8. The frames in the image are very thoughtfully placed — the position you have chosen for them creates a movement and force in the image. How you placed the frames constraints the person the first image, and in the second image creates a sense of mystery as if the person is running away from the image. You have chosen the perfect depth of field to bring our attention to the foreground and the subject.

  9. The frame of each image really enhance the depth of the image. The viewers are forced to see the things happen in the frame. Within the frame, the figure is the only focus, which really highlights the figure in the image.

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