10 thoughts on “Carson Shipley”

  1. Gorgeous photo series. I love the moody and mysterious feel. It’s dark and beautiful and dreamy. Would love to see a slightly more clear focus on the face/facial expression. Great work!

  2. Really interesting photo series. I love the use of layering with the figures and how much movement it gives the images. The consistent lighting brings the three together for me. My only critique would be the amount of extra information in the frame – I would consider cropping these down a bit on top and bottom.

  3. I really like the technique used in these photos. Long exposures with the model moving around creates a dreamy visual effect.

  4. I love how you successfully incorporated the lines from the blinds with the ‘distressed’ human form in multiple places. Well done as always.

  5. I really like the movement captured in these photographs. The fact that you captured these movements at night gives these a ghostlike effect.

  6. The ghosting effect in the first and third image create a story within the image. I really like the composition of your pictures. Shooting these at night time also adds a lot to the elements of the images.

  7. The series of photos seem very inter-related and work well together. The ghosting in the images works very well for what seems like indecisiveness from the subject. An inability to sit still and decide on one thing.

  8. The ghosting effect looks really good here with the main focus of the photo remains sharp. The dark theme brings out the mysterious vibes around campus at night. Not forgetting the composition of the subject was well placed in each photograph and the sufficient lighting in each of them. Overall a very good set of photographs!

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